The Mount Arlington Borough Council is a body of six elected officials. Council members elect a President among themselves. The Council President is responsible for presiding over Council meetings, establishing committees, and appointing committee chairs.

The role of Council is to serve as civilian oversight of all activities of the Borough, including the management of Borough employees. The Borough Council is responsible for making policy, passing ordinances, voting appropriations, approving all personnel decisions, and establishing and maintaining the Borough’s budget. The Council also works with local agencies and business’s to find ways to stimulate economic development.

Below is a list of Borough Council Members and their phone numbers.  If you would like to contact Council Members by Email please contact the Clerk’s Office at or

Borough Council Members

Council President                Robert Sorge                         973-398-6832 ext.  4 press 3

Council Member                  Stephen Sadow                   973-398-6832 ext.  4 press 2

Council Member                  Andrew Cangiano               973-398-6832 ext.  4 press 1

Council Member                 John Windish                        973-398-6832 ext.  4 press 4

Council Member                 Jack Delaney                         973-398-6832 ext.  4 press 7

Council Member                 Lee Loughridge                   973-398-6832 ext.  4 press 6