The Mount Arlington Municipal Government operates under the Borough Council system, consisting of a Mayor and six Council persons elected at large by the town citizens. The Mayor is empowered as the executive of the municipal government to: Provide for the proper execution of local and State laws. Recommend to the Borough Council measures deemed in the best interest of the Borough. Nominate and, with the advice and consent of the Council, appoint most subordinate officers of the Borough.

Although the Mayor presides over meeting of the Borough Council, the Mayor votes only in the case of a tie. The Mayor is also a member of the Planning Board and Board of Trustees of the municipal Public Library.

The six Council members are elected at-large. The Council exercises general legislative powers conferred upon it by State law to protect and promote the general welfare of the Borough. Among these are: The right to enact ordinances Approve resolutions Approve mayoral appointments Adopt the annual budget and determine tax levy During January of each year, the reorganization meeting of the Council is held at the Borough Hall. Council committees such as Police, Finance and Personal are established as well as liaison to the various volunteer groups, boards (Zoning, Health, etc.) and departments. Each is managed by one of their own officers, elected or appointed chairperson or a Borough employee. The Municipal Administrator is charged with overseeing the daily activity of the borough and reports directly to the Mayor and Council.