520 Altenbrand Avenue
Mount Arlington, New Jersey 07856
Emergency Dial 9-1-1 Non-emergency- (973)398-2100


The Mount Arlington Police Department proudly serves the Borough of Mount Arlington and its more then 4,000 residents. The department consists of comprehensive patrol and detective divisions. The Mount Arlington Police Department is capable of performing childseat safety inspections and installation instruction. This service will only be conducted by officers who possess an up to date certification. Appointments can be made by calling the Police Department during normal business hours. Services requested without appointment may be satisfied if a childseat technician is available.

Professional Standards Unit

Medication Drop Box

The Police Department now has a drop box in the lobby so medications that are expired or no longer needed can be deposited anonymously for destruction. Acceptable items are listed on the sign on top of the collection unit.

Important Prescription Safety Resources:

Prescription Drug Safety



Our program: (Drop Box in HQ)
MorrisSussex ResourceNet: Prescription (Rx) Drop Off Box

Gun Locks

Recently the demand for firearms identification cards and purchase permits has increased. In an effort to contribute to the safe handling and storage of firearms the Police Department is giving out free gunlocks that can be used on most types of firearms. Gunlocks can be obtained from headquarters between 8am-4pm, Monday to Friday

Radio Amateur Civil Emergency System

Download Flyer

Emergencey Notification System

The Borough Office of Emergency Management has acquired a new Notification System to get information out to the residents. These notifications may be in emergent situations or for informational reasons. Notifications are made based on a geographic landline phone database by Verizon. Use the following link to ensure that you are part of the notification database, or to register your cell phone or email.



How do I obtain a copy of a Police Report?

Police reports are normally available for copy three to five business days after the incident was reported. Reports may be received at the Police Department located at 520 Altenbrand Avenue, Mount Arlington, New Jersey 07856. Prior to responding to the Police Department for a police report, please call (973-398-2100) and ask for the records department to determine if the report is available for copy. There is a cost for all reports in accordance with the laws and ordinances governing same. Ask for the Police Secretary when you call.


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