Do Not Feed the Bears

Black bears and people live close together in parts of New Jersey. It is important for people to do what they can to make sure that black bears stay wild and that they do not get food from people. Bears can smell extremely well and their sense of smell may lead them into your yard in search of food. Black bears will try to eat your garbage, birdseed or pet food if it is available in your yard. People should never feed black bears either on purpose or by accident. It is against the law, and it is dangerous!

If You Encounter A Black Bear:

• Do not get scared and do not run.
• Do not go near the black bear.
• Never feed the bear!
• Talk to the bear to let it know you are there.
• Do not look directly into the bear’s eyes.
• Make sure the bear can get out of your yard or campground easily if it wants to leave. Do not stand in front of the exit!
• Make lots of noise. It could scare the bear away.
• If you are playing with friends, get in a big group. Talk and wave your arms. You will look really big and the bear might leave.
• Children should know to tell their parents if they see a bear!


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