Hurricane Sandy Update – 11/2

Mt Arlington Residents:

Please share with those who do not have access to the internet.

We should start to see progress today in town from JCPL. My contact said we will see crews in town today to begin addressing the downed trees on wires and the wires that are damaged.

That doesn’t mean we will see power today but progress is being made.. There was serious damage done to the sub station that provides our distributed electricity. This is taking time to repair. That is why there is such delay. Crews have been working on the main circuits out of the sub stations and the feeder lines. They need to be repaired before they can get into town to repair local damage. An analogy that might help you understand is consider when you are putting together strands of Christmas lights. You can plug them altogether but when you go to plug into the extension cord that will supply power to them, and it is dead, it really doesn’t light the lights. JCPL is working on getting power to the “cord” and then they will be able to repair the “stings of lights”.

Please be patient. I don’t have an exact estimated time of restoration as of yet but when i get it i will certainly get it out to you. There is another update call at 4 pm this afternoon and i will be in touch with our Regional Manager to get whatever info i can. I know it is frustrating and uncomfortable but we need to be patient and we will all be ok. I want you to know we have a great team here in town that prepared for this well and have been working to make sure all of our issues are addressed.

Our DPW has been out doing whatever they can and of course our Police are on the job.

Our Fire Dept has been responding to calls as well as a truck went down to assist in LBI where there was so much devastation. There are those who lost life and all property so lets remember them in our prayers. We are blessed to not have been hit with the brunt of the storm. We have trees and wires down and some had tree damage to their homes but for the most part we are ok.

When the power comes on we will be ready.

The Civic Center by the Police Station has been open daily from 4-9pm as a warming station and charging facility for your phones.

Thanks for your patience.

Art Ondish, Mayor

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