Hurricane Sandy Update – 11/3

Mt Arlington Residents,

Some good news: The Mt Arlington Substation has been re energized. Seasons Glen, the office buildings, the hotels, Cracker Barrel, Quick Chek and New Seasons are back in power. The MA substation feeds all the way up Howard. Nothing else on yet but it is good news that they are working their way up.

The other half of town is served out of the Landing Substation. I see no progress there as of 6:45. I did just get a text from my contact at JCPL and he will call me in a bit to discuss the Landing Sub.

Hot Meals: The Arlington Caterers (on Howard Blvd., next to Edith M. Decker School) are providing hot meals to those affected by the hurricane, between 6 pm to 9 pm.

I will keep you updated as I receive news.

Art Ondish, Mayor

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