Morris Area Energy Cooperative Energy Aggregation Program Update

Morris Area Energy Cooperative Energy Aggregation Program Update

The Borough of Wharton, as lead agency for the Morris Area Energy Cooperative, is pleased to announce that the energy aggregation program that provides a reduced electricity rate of for residents in the Borough is being extended. The current program rate for the MAEC’s GEA program is $.0886/kWh.

Borough of Wharton, the Borough of Bay Head, the Town of Dover, the Borough of Florham Park, the Borough of Lincoln Park, the Township of Long Hill, the Borough of Mendham, Mine Hill Township, the Borough of Mount Arlington, the Borough of Riverdale, Rockaway Borough, and the Borough of Union.

Beginning with your first meter read on or after June 1, 2020, the program rate for the remainder of the current program term (through October 1, 2020) will be reduced from $0.0886/kWh to $0.0869/kWh. In addition to the reduction in the program rate, the program term is being extended beginning from the first meter read on or after October 1, 2020, for an additional 14 months until your first meter read after November 30, 2021.

A few things to remember about the program:

• While there is no guarantee of savings from month-to-month through the GEA program, participants in the MAEC have seen an aggregate savings of $1,356,000 since the GEA program began in 2015.

• Participation in the GEA program offers budget stability in that residents can have confidence
knowing that they won’t pay more than the program rate for their electric supply, unlike JCP&L’s fluctuating price-to-compare and two-tiered summer rates .

  • Remember that you can opt-in and opt-out of the MAEC’s energy aggregation program at any time without the worry of being charged any fees or penalties. Leaving and re-enrolling in the program is subject to the timing of meter readings and typically takes 1-2 full meter read cycles.
  • You can opt-out by calling (877) 292-3904 or logging on to If you do not opt-out of the program within 30 calendar days after the postmark on this notice, you will continue to be included in the program at the rates and terms noted above.

Please contact our program manager Concord Energy Services at (866) 688-5197 or info@concord- with your questions.

JCP&L rates may increase or decrease during the course of this program, which would affect the anticipated level of customer savings. Savings cannot be guaranteed over the term of the agreement. JCP&L charges can change quarterly and are posted on their website at

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