Spring Green Tips

Tip #1: Get Growing

Whether you have a patio, a backyard, or an acreage, there are many things you can grow on your own property. It will teach you how to take care of the soil and enjoy the fruits of your hard labor.

Tip #2: Look for the Zero in the Middle

Most fertilizers will have a set of 3 numbers. The middle number is the percentage of phosphorus in the fertilizer. When the fertilizer runs off into the water, it allows the weeds to grow very quickly and the phosphorus is not needed to help grow your lawn or flowers. Alternatively, you can use mulch or compost as a natural fertilizer which will not pollute the lake.

Fertilize smart, be sure not to fertilize your plants before it rains or it will end up going into the lake and causing more weed growth.

Tip #3: Keep Your Vehicle in Top Shape

When you wash your car in the driveway, remember, that dirty water, along with chemicals gets washed down into the storm drains into the lake.

Remember to keep up with your vehicle’s maintenance to make sure there are no leaks and that you do not leak oil or antifreeze down into the lake. Also remember to recycle used motor oil at certified centers.

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