Water Conservation Information

175-22.  Excessive or unnecessary use.

  1. Excessive or unnecessary use or waste of water, whether caused by carelessness or by defective or leaky plumbing or fixtures, is strictly prohibited, even where the service is metered.
  2.   The Mayor and Council may, by resolution, limit or prohibit the use of water for purposes not deemed essential whenever, in its judgment, it shall be necessary or prudent to do so to conserve the supply.
  3.   For disregard of or violation of the provisions of this section or of any resolution of the Mayor and Council as aforesaid, the water may be ordered turned off by the borough in addition to the penalties provided for herein.
  4. [Added 3-27-2006 by Ord. No. 05-06; amended 7-10-2006 by Ord. No. 18-2006] In order to prevent excessive or unnecessary use of municipal water, water usage from outside sources at any residence in the borough for any reason, including, but not limited to, watering of lawns or landscaping, washing of vehicles, or washing of sidewalks or driveways, shall be limited to an “odd-even” basis, and shall be entirely prohibited on the 31st day of each month. Odd/even water use means that such outside water use may occur on days with odd numbered dates on properties with odd numbered addresses, and on even numbered days on properties with even numbered addresses. Exceptions to odd/even watering restrictions are:

(1)    Lawn watering by a commercial enterprise engaged in the installation or repair of lawn irrigation systems is allowed on any day, if necessary to test a customer’s newly installed or newly repaired sprinkler system;

(2)    Watering of a newly planted lawn, tree, shrub, flower, or vegetable plant is allowed one time (not once daily) on any day, immediately after planting;

(3)    Daily watering following treatment of vegetation with a fertilizer, pesticide or herbicide is allowed for two (2) days only, starting on the date that the fertilizer, pesticide or herbicide is applied. Documentation of the date that the treatment was applied shall be produced upon the request of the appropriate authorities. Watering under this provision is allowed no more often than once every three (3) weeks.

For purposes of odd/even restrictions, outside water use at condominium and homeowners association properties, including, but not limited to, Lakeshore Village Condominiums and Horizons at Mt. Arlington, as well as any other property within the borough that does not have a designated address number, shall be allowed on even days only.

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