A call to the Construction Department and the Zoning Officer is an important step, even when planning minor improvements.  Regardless of the size and location of the proposed installation, residents should become familiar with the zoning, construction code and permit requirements before installing fencing, retaining walls, a garden shed or a swimming pool.  In general all improvements require zoning review before work may begin even if the project is exempt from construction permit requirements.

The Construction Department is responsible for enforcing the regulations of the State Uniform Construction Code, which was established by the State of New Jersey, to ensure that new construction (commercial, industrial, and residential) adheres to minimum standards of workmanship and safety. The Inspectors review structural construction, plumbing, heating and air conditioning, and electrical work prior to the issuance of a certificate of occupancy to ensure compliance with the State Uniform Construction Code. For more information, please call 973-398-6832 x 114.

Permits are required for decks, swimming pools, renovating bathrooms & kitchens, finishing basements, water heaters, sheds, new electric, whole house generators, transfer switches and new plumbing to list a few.  Please call the Construction Department if uncertain if a permit is required or if you have questions regarding the permit process.

*All payments must be cash or check, no credit card.*


It is ultimately the Homeowners responsibility to call for any and all inspections.  If you have an old permit, call the office and get the inspections.  No penalty will be incurred.  If you are cited for not obtaining final inspections the penalty will be $2,000.


To schedule an inspection, you must call the Construction Department at 973-398-6832 ext 114.  Your permit number is required for all inspection requests.


The following applications are available online and at the Construction Department:

*All payments must be cash or check, no credit card.*

Zoning  Application  –  Zoning permit application review fee is $50 and the permit fee is $100.  Each resubmitted application resulting from a denial will require an additional review fee of $50.

Temporary Sign Application  –  The fee for temporary advertising signs is $10.  This excludes political, housing rental or sale signs.

Tree removal  Application  –  The fee for tree removal when not associated with a site plan, subdivision or variance application is $25 per acre of removal.  When associated with a site plan, subdivision or variance application the fee is $50. Per acre of removal.

Grading Permit Application  –  See application for fee details.

Excavation Permit Application  –  See application for fee details.

Land Use Board Application  –  Fees shall be paid by the applicant as set forth on the fee schedule as established per Borough Ordinance.   Additional fees, as stipulated by Ordinance, may be requested. 

Construction Permits  –  Fees based on work being performed. 

Certificate of Habitability  –  $60.00 unless within 7 business days of closing, then an additional $100 expedition fee shall also be required.

Certificate of Smoke Detector & Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Compliance.  –  The fees are $35 ; ten (10) business days or more from closing date; fewer than ten (10) business days but more than four (4) business days before closing, $70.00  If fewer than four (4) business days or fewer; $140.


  Phone:  973-398-6832 x114

  Location:  419 Howard Blvd, Mount Arlington NJ 07856

  Fax:  973-398-8662




Kathy Appleby

Zoning Officer
Technical Assistant
LUB Secretary
Municipal Housing Liaison
Phone: 973-398-6832 x114

Domenick Carnevale
Construction Official 
Phone: 973-398-6832 x122

Construction Office

The Construction Department is located at 419 Howard Boulevard
Mount Arlington, NJ 07856.

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