Snow Removal

Mount Arlington Public Works Department is responsible for the removal of snow on Borough roads in Mount Arlington.  It is unlawful to throw snow back onto a road that has been plowed.  Also please observe the no parking on any street when roads are covered rules.  Please note that vehicles parked on the street may be towed and/or ticketed by the Mt. Arlington Police Department.  

The owner, occupant or person in charge of each and every dwelling house, store or other building and/or vacant lot(s) in the Borough of Mount Arlington shall, within 24 hours after every fall of snow or hail or the formation of ice upon the sidewalks in front and/or abutting upon such house, store or other building and/or vacant lot(s) remove or cause the same to be removed from the sidewalks adjacent to such dwelling house, store, building and/or vacant lot(s).

DPW Office

The Department of Public Works is located at 1 Altenbrand Ave.
Mount Arlington, NJ 07856.

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