The Mount Arlington Police Department is proud to join the growing ranks of law enforcement agencies that deployed body-worn video cameras on police officers. Body-Worn Cameras are a great tool that can be used to improve both trust and accountability. The cameras are used in accordance with the guidelines established by the New Jersey Attorney General, the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office and the Mount Arlington Police Department written directive. 

Mount Arlington Police officers will utilize Body-Worn Cameras (BWCs) to assist them in the performance of their duties by providing an accurate and unbiased recorded account of an incident. These BWC’s will be mounted to the exterior of an officer’s uniform and will point away from the officer to capture images in the camera’s field of vision. Citizens who interact with police officers may be recorded on body camera footage in accordance with the applicable guidelines and directives established governing Body-Worn Cameras. 

The Mount Arlington Police Department proudly serves the Borough of Mount Arlington and its more then 5,000 residents. The department consists of comprehensive patrol and detective divisions. The Mount Arlington Police Department is capable of performing childseat safety inspections and installation instruction. This service will only be conducted by officers who possess an up to date certification. Appointments can be made by calling the Police Department during normal business hours. Services requested without appointment may be satisfied if a childseat technician is available.


*Excellence – We believe that excellence is not an end result, rather a continuous pursuit requiring deliberate attention. Accordingly, we dedicate ourselves to the continuous improvement of police service through training, education, dedication to duty, and exemplary conduct.

*Integrity – Our value as police employees depends upon the respect and confidence we earn from the community and each other. The integrity of each individual, as well as the organization, is necessary for citizens to give us their trust. We are committed to the highest standards of honesty and ethical conduct, which are the cornerstones of our profession. Without this trust, we cannot expect to form a cohesive partnership with the community.

*Accountability – We take personal responsibility for our actions and attitude. We actively complete our assignments and meet our commitments, while demonstrating a high degree of ownership to the people we affect. We understand that each part completes the sum and w ultimately answerable for our areas of responsibility.

*Courage –   We will uphold and follow the law, while protecting and serving the community in the face of fear, danger, and temptation even if it requires sacrifice.

*Compassion – we will suspend judgment and appreciate others’ perspectives or situations when they are different from our own. We will display genuine concern towards others and their needs. We realize the need to understand the perspective of those we interact with while displaying empathy and respect.

  •             The mission of the Mt Arlington Police Department is to provide the community and visitors with the highest quality of law enforcement services.  In doing so, we will safeguard the rights of our citizens by steadfastly upholding the Constitution of the State of New Jersey and the Constitution of the United States. To fulfill this mission, we will employ innovative strategies to prevent and suppress crime, actively identify, pursue, and arrest criminal offenders, establish strong community partnerships, professionally developed employees, and enhanced technology to achieve and maintain the highest quality of life throughout our Borough.

    Our Mission
  •            We are a professional law enforcement agency respected and trusted by our community.  We are committed to providing the finest quality of police services to the people who live here, work here and visit our borough. We will continually strive to develop the knowledge, skills and abilities of our members and to efficiently and effectively manage our resources to deliver the highest level of service to the public. This will be accomplished in accordance with our core values of Excellence, Integrity, Accountability, Courage, and Compassion.

    Our Vision

  Phone:  973-398-2100

  Location:  520 Altenbrand Ave. Mount Arlington NJ 07856

  Email:  mapolice@mtarlingtonpd.com


Matthew Green, Chief

Department Directory

Chief Matthew Green

Lieutenant Matthew Fortunato

Sergeant Ryan Sherburne

Sergeant Joseph Farina

Sergeant Joseph Parichuk

Sergeant Dennis McCoach

Patrolman Patrick DeRosa

Patrolman James Braun

Patrolman Ryan Caparoni

Patrolman Matthew Tumulty

Patrolman Christopher Messano

Patrolman Nicholas Pizzuta

Patrolman Matthew Kaiteris

Patrolman Robert Crawford

Patrolman Chris Fernandez

Secretary Valerie Kourtz

Police Headquarters

The Police Department is located at 520 Alterbrand Ave.
Mount Arlington, NJ 07856.

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